1. Chain attack multiplier (how much chain attack increases damage)
  2. High Entia Crest Locations
  3. Other collectibles
  4. Superboss tactics (for 100+ lv uniques)

Chain attack multiplier (how much chain attack increases damage)

# Damage
Chain 2 1.0 damage
Chain 3 3.0 damage
Chain 4 5.0 damage
Chain 5 7.0 damage

High Entia Crest Locations

Region Location
High Entia Tomb Imperial Treasury
High Entia Tomb Ceremony Room
Valak Mountain 3 Sages Summit
Satorl Marsh Sororal Statues (jump from elevator 2 ledges from the top)
Eryth Sea Hode's Refuge
Eryth Sea Kromar Coast

Other collectibles

Name Value Location
Minute Mantis 16200 Colony 9: Sonia
Love Beetle 16200 Frontier Village: Lupa
Golden Cog 16200 Colony 6: Oleksiy
Angel Engine Y 19800 Fallen Arm: Rakzet
Thunder Compass 21600 Eryth Sea: Jarrack
Coin of Fortune 27000 Colony 6: Ma'crish
Love Source 56250 Colony 6: Jer'all (the only other item with a high enough trade value is Veritas Glyph from Lv100 uniques)

Superboss tactics (for 100+ lv uniques)

  1. Max affinity between Melia Shulk Dunban, main Melia. Fight at night.
  2. Gems: Topple Plus VI, Topple Up VI, Night Vision VI, Unbeatable VI, Debuff Resist VI, Agility VI
  3. Debuff Resist/Divine Protect for Abaasy, Spike Defense for Belzagas
  4. Melia: Spear Break X, Starlight Kick X, Summon Wind, Summon Flare, 3rd summon, Mind Blast
  5. Shulk: Monado Cyclone, Monado Armor, Back Slash
  6. Dunban: Steel Strike, damage arts, Worldly Slash, Demon Blade
  7. Skill Links: Chain Link Up, Chain Damage Up, Cooldown reduced during night, Agility from Melia and Sharla, set passive trees to agility bonus, reduced weight, chain attack heal
  8. Start with full party gauge, Summon Wind and Flare, A.I. Shulk should Monado Armor Spear Break > Starlight Kick > wait for Spear Break and use it> Chain Attack > Starlight Kick First round of chain goes to Monado Cyclone (if possible) > Steel Strike, any bonus chains go for  damage. Repeat until dead Do not Mind Blast outside of chain attacks.  If you mess up the topple lock, they use big glowing auras at a fixed % of their hp, save mind blast for that time.
  9. Dunban with Serene Heart and no other auras can tank them all fine as well, Shulk for Monado support and Fiora to keep the party gauge high and you can beat them all with no healing outside of Shulk's Light Heal and chain attack heals.  Still need Unbeatable VI and Night Vision VI and  gems to counter the spikes (spike defense on Belzagas, debuff resist or instant death on Abaasy)