The gangs in Night City have their own distinct characteristics, and their spheres of influence and style of action are also very different. When dealing with them, if you don't do your homework beforehand, you are likely to get into big trouble.

Tyger Claw


Most of the Tiger Claw Gang members with swords and tattoos are entrenched in the Japan Street area. They run a range of businesses from illegal gambling to legal trading, and they are very good at squeezing money from people who want some excitement. If you dare to disobey them, you may lose more than money.



The members of the Maelstrom gang who advocate full-body mechanization usually carry out illegal high-intensity cyber transformations. Their areas of expertise and main source of income are criminal activities such as smuggling, assassination, and robbery. If you don't want to see the blood-red Cyber Eyes at the last time you are alive, it is best to follow their rules and respect them when you come into contact with them.

The Mox Gang


Although the size and sphere of influence of the Mox Gang are not as good as other gangs, they should never be underestimated. Its interior is mainly composed of practitioners in the hospitality industry, unscrupulous young people, anarchists and minority members of society. The initial opportunity for its establishment was the death of Elizabeth Boden, who is usually called the legendary Liz. Although their purpose is to unite in self-defense and protect themselves from violence and abuse by others, you must not mistake them for saints. The "self-defense" in their mouths is indispensable for shady business and bloodshed.

The Voodoo Boys Gang


In Night City, there is no one who knows the Net better than the members of the Voodoo Gang. These cutting-edge hackers who follow the traditional culture of Haiti can be said to call the wind and rain in the digital field, and they can often obtain intelligence that ordinary people cannot touch through hacking. When you want to reach the other end of the black wall to find out, you can go to Pacifica District to find the voodoo gang entrenched there. But it is worth noting that their vigilance is not low, and one must keep up the guard when dealing with them.

6th Street (Sixth Street Gang)


Due to the incompetence of the night city police, only the self-defence group organized by the private sector can protect the local community from gangs and corps. This is the origin of the Sixth Street Gang. However, this lofty idea is nothing more than a slogan of the past. Now the Sixth Street Gang that controls the Santo Domingo District is not much different from the general punks. It is full of self-interest and the idea of being the one.



Unlike most of the residents of Night City, who advocate cyber transformation and guns and arms, the members of the Animal Gang are more yearning for the natural forces they are born with, and everything they do is to strengthen their bodies to the extreme. They will take animal supplements such as testosterone and hormones and strengthen their bodies through continuous exercise to deter and intimidate the guys they want to fight.



The values of honor, justice, and brotherhood constitute the core tenets of the Valentino Gang, and the streets of Haywood are like their paradise. They will decorate the murals and altars of the Holy Spirit of Death they believe in with a variety of colors, and then turn the streets into their own racing and carnival venues in the middle of the night. Although there are also amiable characters among them, if you dare to stir up trouble in their turf, you will definitely receive a grand "baptism" from all members of the gang.