Heart-to-Heart Characters Affection Location Best Worst Notes
Enduring Friendship Shulk Reyn Green Colony 9 Tephra Cave entrance 1,1 2,2
Sunrise in the Park Shulk Fiora Yellow Colony 9 Outlook Park 2,1 1,2
Fiora's Cooking Reyn Fiora Green Colony 9 Dunban's House 1,1 2,2
Watching Over Them Reyn Dunban Heart Colony 9 Residential District 1,2 2,2
Overlooking the Colony Reyn Sharla Purple Colony 9 Agora Shore 1,1 2,2
Ancient Wreckage Reyn Melia Purple Colony 9 Cylinder Hangar 2,1 1,2
A Heropon's Perspective Sharla Riki Purple Colony 9 Mechon Wreckage Site 2,2 1,2
The Legend of the Spider Shulk Reyn Purple Tephra Cave Bone Corridor 1,1 2,2
A Scene Revisited Reyn Fiora Heart Tephra Cave Kneecap Hill 1,1 2,1
Glowing in the Night Dunban Riki Purple Tephra Cave Spring of Grief 2,1 1,2
Geography Lesson Shulk Dunban Purple Bionis' Leg Believer's Paradise 2,2 1,2
What Visions May Bring Shulk Sharla Green Bionis' Leg Raguel Bridge - North 1,2 2,1
Heir to the Monado Reyn Dunban Green Bionis' Leg Refugee Camp (outside) 2,2 1,2
What's on Reyn's Mind Reyn Sharla Green Bionis' Leg Refugee Camp (inside) 2,1 1,1
Revisiting the Past Dunban Sharla Heart Bionis' Leg Rho Oasis 2,2 1,2
Renewed Determination Shulk Reyn Heart Colony 6 Freight Road 2,1 1,2
Strength of Heart Shulk Dunban Heart Colony 6 Main Street 2,2 1,1
The Colony Reborn Shulk Sharla Heart Colony 6 Special Lv 5 Area 2,2 1,1 Colony 6 100%
One Year On Reyn Dunban Purple Colony 6 Pod Depot 1,2 2,2
Recovery and Reflection Fiora Dunban Purple Colony 6 Hope Farm 1,2 2,1 Nature Lv3
Quiet Time Fiora Riki Purple Colony 6 Park 1,2 2,1 Special Lv3
Dunban's Right Arm Dunban Sharla Purple Colony 6 Hope Farm 2,1 1,2
A Broken Watch Shulk Sharla Purple Ether Mine Mining Base 1,1 2,1
A Wistful Glow Reyn Sharla Heart Ether Mine Central Terminal 1,2 2,2
The Shimmering Marsh Shulk Dunban Green Satorl Marsh Zaldania Waterfall 2,1 1,2
High Entia History Dunban Melia Purple Satorl Marsh Sororal Statues 1,2 2,2
Atop the Crown Tree Sharla Riki Heart Satorl Marsh Crown Tree 2,1 1,1
Fallen Brethren Shulk Melia Green Makna Forest Bridge 1 2,2 1,2
Riki's Crazy Crystal Plan Reyn Riki Purple Makna Forest Eks Watering Hole 2,2 1,2
No Boys Allowed Sharla Melia Green Makna Forest Sparkling Pool 1,1 2,1
At the Pollen Works Shulk Riki Green Frontier Village Pollen Works 2,1 1,1
Reawakened Memories Fiora Sharla Purple Frontier Village Prophecy Hut (outside) 1,2 2,1
A Day Like Any Other Fiora Melia Purple Frontier Village Nopon Tower 2,1 1,2
Life's Hard for a Heropon Dunban Riki Heart Frontier Village Riki's House 2,2 1,1
True Natures Dunban Melia Green Frontier Village Contemplation Terrace 2,2 1,2
A Mysterious Sanctuary Riki Melia Green Frontier Village Prophecy Hut 2,2 1,1
Fish Fly! Fish Fly! Reyn Riki Green Eryth Sea Sleeping Dragon Isle 1,2 2,2
Rike Have Question Fiora Riki Heart Eryth Sea Syrath Lighthouse 2,1 1,2
A Gift for a Loved One Sharla Dunban Green Eryth Sea Ether Plant 2,1 1,1
Flowers of Eryth Sea Sharla Riki Green Eryth Sea Hovering Reef 2 2,1 1,1
So Close, Yet So Far Shulk Melia Purple Alcamoth Audience Chamber 2,2 1,2
A Breathtaking Sight Reyn Melia Heart Alcamoth Sky Terrace 1,2 2,1
Brother and Sister Fiora Dunban Green Alcamoth Fountain of Hope 2,1 1,1
The Forefathers Fiora Riki Green Alcamoth Great Hall 1,2 2,1
Melia's Imperial Villa Fiora Melia Green Alcamoth Imperial Villa 2,1 1,2
Ancient Astrology Sharla Melia Purple Alcamoth 1F West on Outer Ring 2,2 1,2
Hopes and Plans Shulk Melia Heart High Entia Tomb Hall of Trials 2,1 1,1
Echoes of Ancient Times Reyn Melia Green High Entia Tomb Valley of Emperors 1,1 2,1
A Snowy Hot Spring Shulk Riki Purple Valak Mountain Jakt Geyser 1,1 2,1
First Sight of Snow Reyn Fiora Purple Valak Mountain La Luz Church 2,1 1,2 High Entia Crest needed
In Ose Tower Dunban Riki Green Valak Mountain Sealed Tower 2,1 1,1
Just Like Old Times Shulk Fiora Purple Fallen Arm Silver Wreckage 2,1 1,2
Those Waiting For you Shulk Riki Heart Fallen Arm Distant Fingertip 1,2 2,2
A Family of Two Fiora Dunban Heart Fallen Arm Junks (Doctor's Room) 1,1 2,1
A Night-time Chat Fiora Sharla Green Fallen Arm Ether Light 1,2 2,2
Overcoming the Pain Fiora Melia Heart Fallen Arm Digit 1 1,2 2,2
Eternal Scars Dunban Melia Heart Fallen Arm Black Wreckage 2,2 1,1
Camping Spot Riki Melia Purple Fallen Arm Inlet Beach 1,1 2,1
Fiora's Body Fiora Sharla Heart Bionis' Interior Spinal Nerve Tower 2,1 1,2
Kind Words Riki Melia Heart Bionis' Interior Terminal Nerve Tower 1,2 2,2
Before the Final Battle Shulk Fiora Heart Prison Island Corridor of Silence 2,1 1,2
Journey's End Reyn Riki Heart Prison Island Empty Throne 2,2 1,1
Untold Feelings Sharla Melia Heart Prison Island Gravina Bridge 1,1 2,1