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Bloodstained: Ritual of The Night - it's a side-scroller RPG, where you explore giant castle from HELL. You battle demons, find treasures, meet cool characters, and save the world!

Story is complicated. Simple version goes like this: one day, giant castle appears out of nowhere, and demons started pouring out of it and killing people. So, Church sends you to investigate that castle, and to find out why it appeared and to stop demons. They send you, because you have demonic powers yourself, and you got demonic powers, because you were a victim of human experiments by some mystical cult 10 years ago. And when you arrive to the castle, you find out that those demons are summoned by your old friend who also was a victim of human experiments ten years ago, and now he wants to conquer the world with the demons he summoned. And so you have to find him in that castle and stop him, or at least talk to him and find out what's going on. That's the simple version of the story.

Gameplay reminds me of Dark Souls on easy mode, you explore gothic locations filled with enemies, and fight tough boss battles. And after each boss battle you gain access to new locations with more enemies and bosses.

Game is expansive, there is so much stuff to do, I am still learning new things after 10 hours of gameplay. Lots of locations, lots of items, lots of skills to use, also there is a crafting system and you can create all sorts of item to customize you character.

I am still playing the game right now, and it's very addictive. I actually have to force myself to stop and to take a break.
So I recommend it, very cool game, you should totally check it out. And also check out my walkthrough videos of the game on my channel.

That's it. See ya later.