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Panzer Dragoon Remake. This is an on-rails shooter game, you are riding on a dragon, it flies you around the locations and all you do is shoot enemies. Thats it. It's a remake of an old game from 1995, so there are no modern mechanics, no level ups, no weapon pickups, no customization or anything like that. You just shoot enemies and enemies shoot you. It's really straight-forward.

Story is basically shown only in the intro movie: you are riding through desert, then some guy comes up to you, gives you a dragon, a gun and a mission, and then he dies. The mission is: you have to go to some tower far away, and shoot everything along the way, and your new dragon will carry you there. So you agree to that fantastic proposal and the game begins.

Graphics are nice, controls are fine. It's a well-made game. But in terms of gameplay, it feels bare-bones, you are only to shoot and to evade, thats it.

I know there is a fanbase for bullet-hell games, like Touhou, Tyrian, and stuff like that. And Panzer Dragoon feels similar to thoose games, so if you are into those games, then certainly check it out.
I personally not fan of it. I played the game for like 40 minutes and was bored because there is no storyline, no characters, no dialogs, nothing like that, and just shooting for the purpose of shooting is boring to me. Anyway, you can check out my long gameplay video and see if the game looks interesting to you (link).

That's it for now, see u later.