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PiKUNiKU is a 2d platformer metroidvania game with puzzles!
And it also got cool story-line and a lot of cool characters.

You wake up in a cave and you have amnesia, so you go outside and start exploring and you find out about current situation - some corporation came over to the nearby village and started to take away all the crops that villagers grew, and in return corporation gives money to everyone, so villagers don't complain too much at first.

But then you meet "the resistance" - people who are sceptical to the corporation. And they tell you that corporation is actually evil, and it takes all the resources from all the villages and all the people. And money it gives in return are worthless. And resistance wants to find out why corporation needs all those resources and wants to stop the corporation, because resources are getting exhausted.

So you join Resistance for a bit, and do some peaceful protesting together, and story goes on. And I haven't finished the game yet, so I don't know what happens next.

Anyway, game is awesome. You get to explore the world, solve puzzles, find secrets, collect items, talk to people, a lot of stuff. And also you get to kick anything you want. You can kick objects, you can kick people, you can kick corporate robots, and they all react in natural way and it's just fun activity. Kicking stuff is fun. Also there are cool minigames and boss battles.

So game is really good so far, and I totally want to finish it, and I am going to play it more later. I already have two gameplay videos on my channel, so check them out if you are interested (link). And check out that game itself - it's called PiKUNiKU and it's great.

So that's it, see you later.