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So I'm going to tell you about the game called Roki [ryoki], I played it recently.

It's based on scandinavian mythology, from countries like norway or sweden, and you play as a young girl that lives with her family in some remote mountain lodge, and the girl has lost her mother, and now she takes care of the family herself, she cooks dinner, does house chores and so on. And one day, strange things start to happen, like beasts gathering around the house, and birds circling in the sky, and scary noises and stuff like that. And that's when the game begins. I'm not going to spoil you the story, but basically, girl has to take care of her family really big time.

Gameplay is similar to old point-and-click adventure games like Monkey Island, but with modern UI. You basically go around, pick up items, and then solve puzzles with those item. Puzzles can be anything, for example some dude blocks your way, and you have to get rid of him or find a way around him. But in this game there is only one way to solve puzzle: you can't do it in multiple ways, you have to figure out one "proper" way to get rid of that dude. It's enjoyable to solve puzzles, but that "one-proper-way-only" gameplay does feels restrictive.

So, if you like that kind of gameplay - check it out. It's not super amazing, but it's okay game if you have some free time, and if you want to enjoy some scandinavian fairy tale setting.

Personally, I don't think that I'm going to play it again anytime soon, because story didn't really gripped me that much. And gameplay itself is sort of ok, but not that amazing. But check it out anyway, you might like it! Or you might not like it. Whatever. Oh, I also have gameplay video where I play it for like two hours, so see it if you're interested (link).

That's it, see ya later!