1. Shulk
  2. Reyn
  3. Sharla
  4. Dunban
  5. Melia
  6. Riki
  7. Fiora


Prerequisites Skill Quest Notes
Shulk 4th "Pessimism" Colony 9 Affinity between 4 and 5*
Jackson's Awakening
Désirée's Future
Shulk 5th "Bravery" Mechonis Core cleared
Colony 9 Affinity between 4 and 5*
A Young Captain's Request
A Young Captain's Suffering
A Young Captain's Rise
A Young Captain's Challenge
A Young Captain's Trust or A Young Captain's Revival


Prerequisites Skill Quest Notes
Reyn 4th "Impatience" Valak Mountain reached
Hoko, Pokapoka, Ma'crish Talonyth migrated
Cook-Off Counter Attack!
Cook-Off Comeback?
Cook-Off Final Blow?!
Cook-Off Showdown
Reyn 5th "Camaraderie" Mechonis Core cleared
Pride and Courage
Friendship Tokens Level 91 mobs


Prerequisites Skill Quest Notes
Sharla 4th "Reliance" Frontier Village 4*
Eryth Sea reached
Secret Innovation
Avenge a Mamapon's Death
Sharla 5th "Affection" Mechonis Core cleared
Colony 6 4*
Don Argentis migrated
Peppino + Zel Argentis migrated or Oleksiy + En Agentis migrated
Family Secrets
Betrothal Test
Stopping the Elopement


Prerequisites Skill Quest Notes
Dunban 4th "Obstinance" Valak Mountain reached
Magma Rock obtained
Bad Timing
Chilkin Changes
The Balance of Power
Dunban 5th "Enthusiasm" Mechonis Core Cleared
Fallen Arm 4*?
Stunted Growth Level 76 mobs


Prerequisites Skill Quest Notes
Melia 4th "Reticence" High Entia Tomb clear?
Trouble at the Plant
Punish the Hodes
Mend the Plant
Hode Attack
Trouble at the Lighthouse
Melia 5th "Passion" Mechonis Core Cleared
Talia's Research or Satorl Investigation
The Imperial Ceremony
Ancient High Entia Mystery Level 86 mobs


Prerequisites Skill Quest Notes
Riki 4th "Cowardice" Prison Island cleared
Medical Advancements OR Let's Make Fillings!
Healing the Healer
Legendary Nopon Charm
Mislabeling Problem
Getting Bigger
Riki 5th "Heroism" Mechonis Core Cleared
Honouring the Nopon Sage
Meeting the Nopon Sage
Legend of the Sage
Challenge of the Sage
Final Challenge of the Sage Level 96 unique


Prerequisites Skill Quest Notes
Fiora 4th "Rashness" Hidden Village 3*
Fixing a Broken Door
The Wilted Flower
The Oath Sword
Fiora 5th "Innocence" Mechonis Core Cleared
Securing Provisions
The Book of Bafalgar
The Blood of Bafalgar
A Flower for a Rose
Battling Brutes Level 98 uniques