Playlist with all test videos:

List of games tested on Macbook Air M1:

  1. Forager - playabale, works well (emulated via Crossover)
  2. Pikuniku - playable, works well (emulated via Crossover)
  3. Creeper World 4 - playable, works with stuttering, and also needs "core fonts" module to be installed (emulated via Crossover)
  4. Superhot - unplayable, severe graphical glitches, invisible enemies (emulated via Crossover)
  5. Ori and The Blind Forest - unplayable, severe stuttering and eventual crash (emulated via Crossover)
  6. Besiege - playable, works great (macOS native)
  7. Wasteland 3 - playable, stutters a bit, heats up computer a lot because of the very high FPS, and there is no way to limit FPS in the settings (macOS native)
  8. Baldur's Gate 3 (early access v4) - playable on low settings, stutters a bit (macOS native)
  9. DOTA 2 - playable, works great, stable 60fps on low settings (macOS native)
  10. Noita - playable, occasional fps drops and stuttering (emulated via Crossover)
  11. Ring of Pain - playable, works great (emulated via Crossover)
  12. Phoenix Point - unplayable, invisible enemies and player characters, in-game movies don't work (emulated via Crossover)
  13. Breathedge - unplayable, environment and objects are invisible (emulated via Crossover)
  14. Subnautica - playable, water looks a bit glitchy, but everything else works fine (macOS native)
  15. Stellaris - playable, everything works properly, at least in the early game (macOS native)
  16. Civilization 6 - playable, works great in early game (macOS native)
  17. Factorio - playable, works great in early game (macOS native)
  18. Loop Hero - playable, works great (macOS native)