Is she undead? Did coruna walrus got her? These are the questions that were keeping us awake at night for the last few months. I had no choice but to investigate, and this is what I have found out.

Many people grew to love "blue-haired enigma" youtuber singer/entertainer for her soulful voice and profound texts, such as "uwuesketit" and "oki doki boomer".

But earlier this year (august 2020) Senzawa made her last twitter post and entered silent mode. Millions of fans were left in darkness, and many started worrying about her life, due to global pandemic situation at the time. Is it possible that she had succumbed to the disease?

Well, worry no more! She is fine and is better than ever.
Turns out that she got a contract with Hololive, a japanese producing company ("talent agency").
Hololive is at the forefront of "vtuber" trend, which is capturing the world by storm.

Vtubers are basically "virtual" streamers, that is - a 2d drawn or 3d modelled characters that are animated and voiced-over in real time during the stream, and viewers see only this fantasy character, while actual real person stays behind the scene. During their streams they are often play video-games, sing, or just talk. All these characters have distinct personalities, a backstory, and they regularly interact with one another, and with their viewers.
For example:

An example of popular vtuber stream (with english fan-translation)

At the time, vtubers were primarily japanese speaking, but still managed to grow in popularity all over the world. English-speaking fans were watching vtuber streams without understanding language, just for the atmosphere, emotions, feels and community!

Obviously Hololive could not miss such market opportunity and started "Hololive-EN" project - which is English-speaking vtuber troupe, consisting of five new characters.

And Senzawa got to be one of those five! But as a brand new character, not as her old self.

So here is she now, please welcome Gawr Gura. A shark.

Gawr Gura is over 9000 years old and comes from Atlantis. Here is her debut stream:

She immediately exploded in popularity, and only few weeks later already had more than a million subscribers.

So go ahead, start watching her streams and join the community!

Gawr Gura Youtube channel:
Gawr Gura Twitter:

Gawr Gura Karaoke Singing

Gawr Gura has an amazing singing voice and often sings karaoke live. Listen to her performance during unarchived karaoke streams (preserved by community).
Playlist with many of her songs: