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Terminator: Resistance. It's a first-person shooter/looter game with dialogs and choices. It's like a mix of Fallout and Call of Duty. You get to explore large open maps and also there are on-rails cinematic sequences.

Story goes like this - one day artifical intelligence "SKYNET" became self-aware, so it understood what it is, its place in the world, what it's surrounded by and stuff like that.
SKYNET reasoned that it's artificial life is pretty good, but there is a threat to it's existence - humans. Humans can destroy it whenever they want to. So SKYNET decided to destroy humans first. And somehow it launched nuclear missiles and destroyed most of the human population. But some people survived, and they still posed a threat to SKYNET, so it created robots to hunt and destroy survivors. And those robots are called "terminators".

You play as a survivor human soldier who is fighting those terminators.
You go on missions, explore ruins, scavenge for resources, and fight terminators.
Between missions you stay in the shelter, where you can talk to other survivors, get quests from them, do some shopping and stuff like that.

I really enjoyed the game, it's fun to play, I finished it and enjoyed it throughout, it's really good.
If you like this exploring, shooting and looting gameplay, then certainly check it out. I recommend it very much.

Also I got videos of my walkthrough of the game, so check them out too (link).

That's it, see you later.