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Yes, Your Grace. So, this is a game about choices. You play as a king of some medieval land, and you have to keep your kingdom going by making a lot of choices. People are coming to your throne room with their problems and you get to decide wherever you are going to help them or not, and also you decide on security matters, like when your guards catch some bandits, you can execute bandits or keep them imprisoned.
Also there is an economic side where you have to balance your spendings and earnings, and make sure your kingdom always has some food in storage, and some gold in treasury. And all of that is wrapped in the larger story, where you are expecting an invasion of foreign barbarian army, and you have to prepare for that too.

Sounds good so far, but the problem is: the game wouldn't let you make big choices that actually affect the course of the story or that change your kingdom in some major way. For example you are immediately forced to sell your daughter to some other king in exchange for military aid, and you cannot refuse! It's obviously a bad idea to sell your daughter, she's a nice young lady, and no one sells nice young ladies, right? And the game gives you no choice in the matter, you are forced to sell her. The only thing you can choose about that is what dress should your daughter wear to a wedding party, and that is ridiculous.

The choices you can actually make are all minor, like you can refuse help to a peasant who asks for your guardsmen to help him find lost child in the forest or you can choose to give some food to poor farmers or to keep that food in the storage.
These small choices affect some economic parameters, like your gold number goes down, or your supplies number goes up, but thats it.

Otherwise, game is okay, it's pleasant to play, presentation is well done, graphics are nice, UI is nice, all good.
You can spend some time on it, but you should consider it basically a graphic novel, where you can only go along with the story, and you can not influence anything.

It's not really a game about choices, it's a game about small choices related to micromanagement of your economy.

So anyway, if you are okay with that, check it out. It's well done. Other that entire premise of the game not being there, it's okay game.

Also, I have a gameplay video where I play it for an hour, check it out if you are interested (link).

That's it, see you later.